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Cold-pressed in NORTH Vancouver | Whole ingredients | No gums, fillers, or oils

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Convenience meets nourishment! Our pre-measured smoothies are designed to simply be blended with mylk and poured back into the cup they came from - so you can get a full meal on the run.

Featuring our nut pulp, a unique blend of Almonds, Brazil Nuts, and Hemp Hearts, these smoothies are incredibly nutritious and nourishing.

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Our Philosophy

At NutMeg Mylk, we believe that simple is best. We create incredible-tasting mylks with clean and healthy ingredients that place them in a league of their own.

  • Everyday Mylks

    A staple for everyday use at a price that meets your everyday needs.

  • Supermylks

    Your new go-to beverage for when you're out and about.

  • Coffee Creamers

    Upgrade your coffee with our plain and vanilla plant-based Half & Halfs.

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From Meg's kitchen to yours

After experimenting with making her own nut mylks at home, our founder Megan Wallace realized there was no comparison between her fresh mylks made from real ingredients and the conventional ones she had been purchasing that were full of oils, fillers, and gums.

Five years later, her nutritious plant-based mylks have evolved from home kitchen creations to being featured on the shelves of grocery stores across British Columbia.

Our Story