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Customer Testimonial

Hands down best coffee creamer I've ever had! The Perfect Creaminess, LOVE

Jessica M

Customer Testimonial

In love with these plant-based Mylks, had no idea what Fresh Nut Mylk tasted like and how good it was! Nothing like the cardboard tasting almond milk I'm used to.

Emily J

Customer Testimonial

I've been ordering from this company for years and love their simple ingredients, unique flavour and beautiful glass bottles. Highly recommend!

Katie C

Plant-based Creamers worthy of your morning coffee

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A Philosophy of Simple is Best

At NutMeg Mylk we believe that a short and simple ingredient list is best. Just Clean and healthy ingredients made with unique flavours and nut blends.

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The perfect gift for your health-oriented loved one, they'll be able to select Mylks that suit their taste buds and have them delivered directly to their door!